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Career Coaching

Life changes constantly and so do careers. at these times of change, we can lose sight of our strengths and skills, but also the market and how we can out our best foot forward. Careers Excelled Career Coaching services help clients from ages 16 and above to choose, change and transition throughout the lifetime of their career. We can help you and your employees build and implement plans and skills to help you understand and action:

  • What you offer
  • What you need
  • What you want next
  • How to achieve that



Careers Excelled offers two services that support people from aged 16 and beyond to make a clear choice about their next and subsequent career steps.

The Career Assessment Service is a structured service that incorporates three hours of collaborative counselling with a Career Psychologist. This is split into an initial 1 hour information gathering session and a follow up session (two hours). In between the sessions clients undertake a battery of career assessments specifically selected for the individual client and typically involving interest, personality, values and cognitive components. At the end of the follow up tow hour session, an agreed action plan is developed identifying one – three suitable options and supported by and action plan which has built in contingencies and steps that can be realistically and easily implemented.

Career counselling is also offered on an hourly basis and is more suitable for clients who have a rough idea of the direction they are heading however need further support on understanding the career market or balancing career needs with life needs. Clients can choose to upgrade to the vocational assessment service and are only charged the difference in fee for the two services.


Approaching the market can be daunting particularly if you have been out of work for some time, going for a first job or going through a career transition. Careers Excelled offers comprehensive fee based job support services which can be packaged to suit your needs. Services include:

  • Comprehensive skills assessments
  • Resumes and applications that communicate your value not just a checklist
  • Interview Coaching



Careers Excelled offers career coaching services for people who are looking to make a change in their workplace and may struggling to achieve these goals. Coaching on how to navigate workplace politics, promoting of workplace skills and maximising opportunities along with change challenges effective influencing are often the focus for clients wishing to manage their careers. We apply positive psychology principles along with cognitive principles to support individuals in making sustained change for career growth.

Succession planning and life long career learning issues are also offered for corporate clients.


Careers Excelled offers outplacement services for organisations going through restructure and downsizing. Along with all of the career assessment and job seeking and counselling services offered to those impacted by these changes, Careers Excelled guides organisations through the communication and safety issues associated with these events to safeguard the well-being of staff that are departing and those that are staying.