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Organisational Design and Workforce Strategy

“Collaboration  Expertise  Outcomes  People”

Organisational Design and Workforce Strategy is the glue that holds your organisation together and ensures it is moving to achieve your strategy and outcomes.

Organisations do not enjoy continued success from the good will of people alone. All of the frameworks that define the direction, strategy and activities of the organisation and people need to be aligned, efficient, meaningful and easy to implement.

Everything in Organisational Design is linked; and some changes have a bigger and better impact than others. Making and integrating the right changes and the right time and the right levels are critical in improving organisational performance and culture. Careers Excelled offers comprehensive Organisational Design and Strategy Services and helps you to understand where to start making changes to get the biggest impact. 

Careers Excelled can help you develop and implement a coherent organisational design and workforce strategy.

We carefully examine the structure, strategy and talent management frameworks that support organisational achievement and partner with you to determine the cause and impact of organisational issues and where best to invest in change efforts.

Systemic analysis enables us to target root causes and leverage opportunities to maximise the benefits of change whilst minimising disruptive activity in the workplace.

Careers Excelled has expertise across the spectrum of organisational design and collaborate with clients as partners to achieve the best solution for their organisational goals:

  • Strategy and Planning
  • Structure and Function of Teams and Organisations
  • Culture and Values
  • Behaviour and Workplace Practices and Frameworks to Manage these
  • Workforce Pillar Systems including:

Capability and Competency frameworks, Performance Management Systems, Recruitment Strategies, Practices and Tools, Succession Planning Frameworks, Job Roles and Position Descriptions, Learning and Development including Needs Analysis and Design.