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There are hundreds of psychometric assessment tools that claim to accurately predict performance, most of which are as effective as flipping a coin. Many of these tools simply describe  rather than predict behaviour or are quite vague in their predictions, a little like reading a horoscope.

In today’s employment market many candidates will present themselves in a more socially desirable way, perhaps they will answer as being more “team oriented” or “conscientious” that is true in reality. Unfortunately many psychometric assessment tools on the market, and many assessors lack the expertise to identify when a candidate presenting a less that accurate picture of themselves and their behaviour.

At Careers Excelled we pride ourselves on not only having access and licence to a robust and validated range of psychometric assessment tools, we tailor selection packages to your needs so you can predict candidate success more accurately.  We offer strong insight and have the capability to “read between the lines” when interpreting psychometric assessment tools  and provide realistic predictions and meaningful feedback to hiring managers that make sense in live work place situations. 

When tools appropriately integrated with effective predictive validity is increased from 50% which is the industry standard (equivalent of flipping a coin) to above 85%-90% predictive validity which is the Careers Excelled standard.

We offer a range of selection and leadership development tools and  solutions and also offer an interactive assessment space in the Norwest Business Park. Our solutions can be delivered on or off site or remotely and include:

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • A Comprehensive Range of Psychometric Assessments
  • Independent Psychometric Assessment
  • Design of Assessment Tools and Assessment Centres
  • Assessment Centre Facilitation
  • Selection, Interviewing and Assessment Training
  • Personality, Aptitude, Employee Motivation, Integrity and Delinquency Testing
  • Employee Benchmarking
  • Strengths and competency based systems as well as unique techniques to more accurately identify employee motivation

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